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California’s Car Buyer Bill of Rights

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Car transactions don’t always go as planned. Whether you purchased a vehicle that turned out to be defective or the car dealership failed to disclose information about the car, you have rights that protect you. California’s Car Buyer Bill of Rights lists regulations that dealerships must follow when making a sale. To help you understand your rights, our California lemon law attorneys break it down for you below.

Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights

Most people are unaware that both new and used car buyers have rights that protect them. Below we list the car buyer’s bill of rights for used car buyers only:

  • Option to Cancel: Car buyers have the right to purchase a two-day sales contract cancellation option from the dealership. This gives you two days to return the car (which costs $40,000 or less).

  • Certified Used Cars: Car dealerships must meet specific requirements when labeling a vehicle as a “certified used car.”

Below we list the car buyer’s bill of rights for new car buyers only:

  • Limit on Markups: There is a strict limit on the markups a dealership can make on a vehicle. For example, a dealership cannot increase the price only to sell you the vehicle at its original intended price.

  • Buyer Disclosure: The dealership must provide you with a detailed list of all items being financed and a credit score. Car buyers have the right to know exactly what they are paying for.

Protect Your Rights

Car buyers have laws that protect them in the event that a dealership commits fraud by lying about the vehicle’s condition, applying extra fees, or selling you a lemon. If you purchased a lemon or you discover that the dealership committed fraud, our team at O’Connor Law Group, P.C. is here to help you. We have helped car buyers across California exercise their rights after purchasing a vehicle. Let our team help you too!

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