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Lemon Law Lawyers Serving All of California


OLG is considered one of the leading consumer litigation firms in California specializing in the Lemon Law. We routinely get our clients great settlements and beat the car manufacturers at trial.


The Lemon Law is actually a law to protect the consumer, whether you buy or lease a car, against the auto manufacturer. If you qualify, you may be able to get a refund, replacement car, or a cash settlement.

Have You Purchased A Defective Vehicle in California?


Did you purchase or lease a new or used car with a warranty from a California Car Dealership? Have you taken your car to the dealership with repeated problems (as few as two times)? If so, you might have a lemon. Contact OLG for a free evaluation.


The car manufacturers pay our attorney fees when we win for you. We take your case on contingency, which is a fancy way of saying if we don’t get you a win (at trial) or a settlement, you pay us nothing.

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Lemon Car

Under the California Lemon Law, maybe a lemon if it:

  • Has been in repeatedly for the same or various problems
  • Has been in the shop for 30 days or more
  • Had an unresolved safety concern
  • Has had continuing problems
Dealership Fraud

Dealership Fraud

Car dealers can and do rip you off and they are very creative in the ways they do it. If you think you’ve been ripped off, contact us for a free evaluation.

How Dealers Rip You Off
Vehicle Purchase

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Purchase

Car dealers MUST follow the law in order to sell a “certified” car and they often don’t.

Learn More About Certified Cars
Lemon Law

Lemon Law

The Lemon Law is a law to protect you, whether you buy or lease a car.

Learn More about the Lemon Law

Advocating for Consumer Rights

  • We have extensive legal and technical knowledge in automotive law
  • Unlike most lemon law firms, we have actually tried and won trials, with a 90% win rate.
  • We take you from start to finish - from thinking you have a problem with your car to all the way through trial.

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