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What Sets O’Connor Law Group Apart?

O'Connor Law Group, P.C.

What sets O’Connor Law Group Apart?

The main factors that set the O’Connor Law Group Apart are our personal relationship with our clients and our willingness to go to trial.

There are many Lemon Law attorneys out there and each approach these kind of cases in different ways. For example, many will simply write letters to try to gather what we consider low-ball offers that could leave you with no car and money still left on your loan. Others may ensure that you get your total price of the vehicle back (minus the statutory mileage offset) and that is it. However, in California the legislators wanted to ensure that Manufacturers that did not abide by their obligations under the Lemon Law were punished for doing to. If a manufacturer “willfully” fails to comply with its obligations, they can be liable for up to two times your damages. A civil penalty is akin to punitive damages.

That means if your vehicle was worth about $50,000.00 and you have a low mileage offset, your case could be worth $150,000.00. There are other things that can be included in this multiplication, such as tow expenses, or rental cars, so each $1 has the potential to be $3. The difference then comes from how good your legal representation it. In order to get the maximum reward, your lawyer has to be willing to “go all the way.” We know you want a quick resolution to your case, but manufacturers tend to make the business decision to deny repurchase requests and be unwilling to make any significant offer until the eve of trial, or make a customer go through trial to get paid. At O’Connor we have decades of trial experience. Not only can you be confident that we know how to win a trial, but the manufactures also know this and use this information make offers to our clients that they would not make to other firms. This is because, if we prevail, the manufacturer has to pay our attorney fees and trial is expensive. Manufacturers know who we are and demonstrate respect for our trial abilities with the value of settlements we are able to make for our clients.

Our team at O’Connor Law Group is here to help you through the process. Learn more by contacting our California lemon law attorneys today at (949) 390-9695 to schedule a free consultation!

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