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How Do I Know When to Request a Buyback?

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Q: How do I know when to request a buyback? (DC)


A good indicator to determine when you can request a buyback is to look at the problems you have experienced with your vehicle and the number of times the vehicle has gone in for repairs for those problems, ideally within the applicable warranty period. A strong case for a buyback request could be in the form of a repeat problem with the vehicle that is covered under the vehicle’s warranty. However, you do not necessarily need to experience a repeat problem for any one particular car part; if you sense that the vehicle is having problems in multiple regards, and you have taken the vehicle in for repair on multiple occasions, and you feel the vehicle has been in the repair shop more than in your possession, then that could also be a good indicator that you are entitled to request a buyback.

This question does not necessarily have a straightforward answer, and for that reason, it is important that you contact a lemon law attorney immediately so that an experienced attorney may guide you regarding next steps as the law is very nuanced and you want to make sure you receive the legal protection you are entitled to if in fact you have a “lemon”.

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