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How to Request that Your Vehicle be Repurchased

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How to Request that Your Vehicle be Repurchased.

A common question is how to request that your vehicle be repurchased. The most effective way to contact the manufacturer is by calling the customer assistance number. This is surprisingly simple, and there are a number of ways to go about it.

Check your owner’s/operator’s manual:

All vehicle purchases are accompanied by an owner’s or operator’s manual. If you did not receive an owner’s or operator’s manual at the time of purchase, be sure to inform us.

All vehicle owner’s/operator’s manuals included information on how to contact the manufacturer. This information typically can be found toward the beginning of the manual in the introductory section.

Check your warranty booklet:

All new vehicles should include a warranty booklet, which outlines the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. These booklets will also include information on how to contact the manufacturer.

Check the manufacturer’s website:

All major vehicle manufacturers have a website. Toward the bottom of the main page is this website is a “Contact Us” option. Clicking this may be enough to get customer support information, including how to contact the customer service department.

Check your financial statements:

Check your financial statements, either online or hard copies. This will usually contain information about how to contact customer service, either online or by phone.

Talk to your authorized repair facility:

If all else fails, tell your authorized repair facility that you would like to request a repurchase. Repair facilities themselves are not typically able to authorize a repurchase, but they should be able to instruct you on how to get in touch with the people who can.

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