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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Vehicle

Man infront on red car with clipboard

  • Frame and body: Does the frame appear straight and solid?
  • Engine: Does the engine leak excessive oil? Are the belts in place? Is the block or head cracked? Is the exhaust normal?
  • Transmission and drive shaft: Is the transmission fluid proper and seepage normal? Is the drive shaft in good condition?
  • Differential: Are there any excessive leaks in the differential? Does it operate quietly?
  • Cooling system: Is the water pump working correctly? Are there any leaks, including those from the radiator?
  • Electrical system: Is there a leak in the battery? Are the alternator, generator, battery, and starter working properly?
  • Fuel system: Is there any visible leakage?
  • Accessories: Are gauges and warning devices working? Are the air conditioner, heater, and defroster working?
  • Brake system: Are the warning lights working? Does the brake pedal feel firm when pressed? Is the vehicle able to stop in a straight line? Make sure the hoses, drum, and lining are in good condition. Do structural and mechanical parts appear to be solid?
  • Steering system: Does the steering have too much free play? Is the alignment of the front wheels correct? Power unit belts and fluid levels should be checked for cracks or slippage.
  • Suspension system: Do the ball joint seals appear to be intact? Do the structural parts appear to be straight and solid? How well are springs and shocks connected? Make sure that shock absorbers are not leaking or are not loosely mounted.
  • Tires: Ensure the tread is worn evenly, the tire sizes are the same, and there is no apparent damage.
  • Wheels: Check for any visible cracks, damage, or repairs. Make sure the mounting bolts are tight enough.
  • Exhaust system: While the engine is running, check for leaks and exhaust smoke.

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