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Tips to Avoid Purchasing a Lemon Car

man inspecting broken down car

When we purchase a vehicle, whether new or pre-certified, we trust that it will be in great condition. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for car buyers to take home a vehicle with defects. If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, there are some things you should do to avoid purchasing a lemon car. To help you, our California lemon law attorneys have put together tips to help you during your car buying process.

Inspect & Test Drive Vehicles Before Purchasing

If you are looking for a specific make or model, it is important to do an eye test of the vehicle. Inspect even the smallest details of the vehicle – including the interior and exterior. When you test drive the car, make sure that you check all of the following:

  • Breaks

  • Tires

  • Seatbelts

  • Steering wheel

  • Exhaust

  • Lights

  • Windshield wipers

  • Mirrors

  • Windows

  • Horn

  • Gas cap

Although you won’t be test-driving or inspecting the vehicle you will be taking home (when purchasing a new vehicle), you can get a sense of the car's overall condition.

Bring the Car to the Mechanic

There is only so much you can inspect when test driving and looking at the interior/exterior of the vehicle. Having an independent mechanic inspect your new or pre-certified used vehicle can be helpful when purchasing. As a car buyer, you have the right to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle.

Don’t Purchase a Vehicle “As Is”

It is important to note that lemon law only protects car buyers whose vehicle is still under warranty. When you purchase a new or used vehicle, you should make sure that it is sold to you with a warranty. If you purchase a vehicle “as is” you are giving up your right to file a claim if you later discover that you purchased a lemon car.

Check for Recent Recalls

Before purchasing a vehicle, it is important to find out if the manufacturer has issued a recall for the car or specific parts. This can help you determine if there are any major issues occurring with the make and model of the vehicle you are interested in purchasing.

If you think you purchased a lemon, contact us today at (949) 390-9695 to schedule a consultation!