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California Lemon Law Basics that All Car Buyers Should Know

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California Lemon Law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects car buyers from defective vehicles. California lemon laws help car buyers ensure that their vehicle is trustworthy and will provide the transportation needed to get to any destination. However, not every car buyer is protected under California lemon law. There is a setlist of qualifications car buyers need to meet to get protection with the lemon law.

Our California lemon law attorneys break it down for you below.

What Protection Does Lemon Law Give to Car Buyers?

The California Lemon Law helps protect you against faulty vehicles. Therefore, if you purchased or leased a vehicle that you later discovered to be faulty, the California lemon law protects you so that you can get compensation. If the seller or manufacturer of a warranted vehicle cannot repair the automobile within a reasonable time frame or number of attempts then they are required to replace or repurchase the vehicle.

Under California Lemon Law, manufactures must do the following:

  • Have accessible car repair facilities in California
  • Repair defective goods in 30 days or less
  • Repair defective goods in a reasonable number of attempts
  • Offer replacement or refund less than trouble-free use value
  • Cover reasonable attorney costs and fees for the consumer

Who Qualifies Under California Lemon Law?

Consumers who have leased or purchased a new or used motor vehicle may qualify for California lemon law protection. Below are other qualifications car buyers or leasers must meet before filing a claim:

  • The seller or manufacturer cannot repair the automobile within a reasonable time frame or number of attempts
  • The vehicle is still under warranty
  • The car has been out of service for more than a total of 30 days due to warranty problem repairs

It is important to note that problems must not be the result of abuse by the owner, and they must significantly reduce the use, value, or safety of the vehicle. The specific limitations on repair attempts or duration vary depending on the specific item and defect. For example, defects related to safety will require fewer repair attempts than those not related to safety.

What If My Vehicle Is No Longer Under Warranty?

If your vehicle is no longer under warranty, you may still be covered if the problem began during the warranty period. You should consult with an experienced lemon law attorney to determine if you are entitled to file a claim.

What Am I Entitled to Under Lemon Law?

There are two options car buyers or lenders are entitled to under California law: car replacement or car buyback.

  • Can Replacement: The manufacturer can replace the defective vehicle to compensate you for your defective vehicle. You will be entitled to your down payment, monthly payments, taxes, incidental expenses, and attorney fees.
  • Car Buyback: A manufacturer can also repurchase the defective vehicle, including a refund of money spent towards the vehicle in repairs and tow trucks. This doesn’t include the trouble-free use-value. The manufacturer may also coI Don’t Have Warranty. Can I Still Qualify for Lemon Law?ver reasonable fees and attorney costs.

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