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I Don’t Have Warranty. Can I Still Qualify for Lemon Law?

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California lemon law protects individuals who’ve purchased or leased new or used vehicles that are still under a manufacturer’s warranty. But what if you don’t have a manufacturer's warranty anymore? Our California lemon law attorneys will explain whether you can still seek protection under lemon law without warranty.

California Lemon Law for Vehicles without Warranty

Car buyers or lenders can still get protection from California lemon law if the first car malfunction occurred when the vehicle was under a manufacturer warranty. However, car buyers who purchased their vehicle without a warranty, or “as is” may not be able to file a lemon law claim.

According to California law, when a person purchases a preowned vehicle, it is buyer beware. Essentially, the quality and performance of the vehicle are the buyer’s sole responsibility. However, that does not mean the dealership doesn’t have a set of responsibilities they must follow. Dealerships are required to disclose any potential problems with the vehicle, such as informing you that the vehicle has a salvage title or that it is a lemon.

Dealerships are also prohibited from tampering with the odometer. If a dealership fails to follow the proper selling and disclosure procedures, it can be held liable for dealership fraud.

How to File a Claim?

If your vehicle is defective and you think you have a lemon law or dealership fraud case, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Filing a claim against a car manufacturer or dealership is not a task that should be handled alone.

Our team at O’Connor Law Group, P.C. has helped car buyers, and lenders across California recover the compensation they deserve after dealing with car defect issues. We can help you get monetary compensation, or we can help you get your vehicle replaced.

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