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Why You Should Buy a Used Car with Warranty

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Buying a used car can come with various risks because there is no guarantee that the vehicle is in good condition. However, car buyers can increase their protection when purchasing a used car that has remaining manufacturer’s new car warranty. This can help car buyers get their money back if the vehicle is defective. Our Orange County lemon law attorneys explain how buying a used car with a warranty can extend your protection under California lemon law.

Lemon Law Protection for Used Cars

When you purchase a used car with a “new car warranty,” the manufacturer will be able to repair and replace car parts listed in the contract. A warranty typically only covers repairs and replacements for several years or miles. Purchasing a used car with a warranty isn’t only beneficial for the car owner in case they need repairs or replacements. It’s also helpful because it extends their protection under California lemon law.

What Is California Lemon Law?

California lemon law protects car buyers when their vehicle is defective and can’t be repaired after a “reasonable” number of attempts. Lemon law only applies to purchased or leased vehicles in California that are still under a manufacturer’s new car warranty. This means that if you purchased a used car with remaining time left on the warranty, you are protected under California lemon law.

If you’ve determined that you purchased a lemon car, you can file a claim against the car provider to get compensation for your expenses. The manufacturer would have to either replace your vehicle or refund you for the vehicle’s purchase price.

California Lemon Law Attorneys

If you’ve purchased a new or used lemon car with a manufacturer’s new car warranty, you have protection under California lemon law. Our Orange County lemon law attorneys have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you secure the best possible results for your case. We will also take the time to inform you about what you can expect through any litigation issues.

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