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What Is California Lemon Law Presumption?

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California lemon law protects consumers from covering the costs of vehicles with serious warranty defects. Under this law, manufacturers must replace or repurchase vehicles after a reasonable number of unsuccessful repair attempts. If you have a lemon car, you are entitled to seek compensation for the fees you’ve spent on your lemon car repairs. If you file a lemon law claim, it is important to know about the lemon law presumption.

What Is the Lemon Law Presumption?

A legal presumption permits a court to assume a fact is true based on the available evidence. The California lemon law presumption assumes that a vehicle is a lemon if the following occurs:

  • The vehicle is repaired at least two times for a safety defect that can cause serious injuries.
  • The vehicle is repaired at least four times for the same non-substantial safety defect.
  • The vehicle is out of service for more than 30 days for any combination of defects.

If you can demonstrate any of the scenarios above, then your vehicle is presumed to be a lemon. The scenarios above must occur during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles after the purchase or lease of the new vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t fit the presumption, you might still have a valid lemon law claim. You will need to speak to an experienced attorney to determine whether you have a case.

Experienced Lemon Law Attorneys

California lemon laws are complicated to navigate on your own. Our team at O’Connor Law Group, P.C. has been helping car owners throughout California secure the compensation they deserve for their lemon vehicle. We can analyze your repair history and determine whether you have a valid claim. We can help you obtain the best possible results for your case.

Contact our California lemon law attorneys today at (949) 390-9695 to schedule a case review!