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Carvana and Carmax Used Car Lemon Law Cases

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Carvana and Carmax Used Car Lemon Law Cases.

If I buy a used car from CarMax or Carvana, can I still make a lemon law claim?

Yes, if your car was purchased in California from CarMax, Carvana or another similar used car dealership, and you had more than one warranty repair, your car may qualify as a lemon in California. First, in order to file a California Lemon Law claim, you have to have purchased your car in California. This includes taking delivery of a car from a company such as Carvana in California. At present Carvana vehicles come with a 100 day or 4,189 miles warranty from the date of purchase. CarMax offers 90 days and 4,000 miles. In both cases whichever comes first, between the time or mileage will be the end of the warranty. Many used car dealerships will have some form of warranty, majority are ither for one month and 1,000 miles or a term more similar to CarMax and Carvana.

The warranties are even extended for the number of says that the vehicle is in the shop for repair. So if you buy a car with a three month, 4,000 mile warranty, such as from CarMax, you five it five days and it goes into the shop for 30 days, when you get the car back on that 30th day, you will still have two months and 25 days left of warranty. Often used cars that have an inherent defect will demonstrate the defect right away and the issue will persist even after the dealership attempts to make a repair. This is most likely a lemon and we can you compensated for any payments you have made, any amounts you owe on the loan and other expenses, including attorney fees so you never have to pay us.

Important Considerations if You Buy a Used Car

  • Read the warranty
    • You must take your car to be repaired at an “Authorized Repair Facility.” This is often the same place you bought the car, but sometimes you can take it to another repair shop, including the manufacturer’s dealership if you get pre-approval from the warranty administrator.
  • If the dealership does not give you a copy of the warranty, ask for it.
  • Be prompt about taking your car in for service at the first sign of trouble, each time.
  • Keep your documents.
    • We will need these for your case review. If you do not have copy of your invoices, you can ask the repair shop and they have to give them to you
  • When you take your car in, make sure all your complaints are on your repair order.
    • You can make the service representative change the repair order before you sign it to drop your car off, if you are not satisfied with what the Dealership has written on your repair order.
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