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Can My Motorcycle be a Lemon?

O'Connor Law Group, P.C.

Can My Motorcycle be a Lemon?

Motorcycles are treated as consumer goods under California's lemon law and are covered if they are sold or leased as new with a written warranty and are intended for personal, family, or household use.

A primary difference in the case of motorcycle lemon law is that the manufacturer has the choice to either repurchase the product or replace it as a way of fulfilling their obligation under motorcycle lemon law in California. This differs from automobile cases, in which the consumer carries the choice in the decision.

Numerous defects could indicate your bike is a lemon. Defects that may indicate that your motorcycle is a lemon include:

  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Stalling / cutting out
  • No start / no crank conditions
  • Oil leaks or sprays
  • Lack of power

Our team at O’Connor Law Group is here to help you through the process. Learn more by contacting our California lemon law attorneys today at (949) 390-9695 to schedule a consultation!

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