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Common Transmission Problems that Lead to Lemon Law Cases

mechanic working on car engine

Vehicle issues are common since they require extensive maintenance. However, when you experience issues with the transmission, it could result in permanent damage which could lead to lemon law cases. Our California lemon law attorneys are familiar with the common transmission problems that occur because of defective vehicle parts, so we break it down for you below.

Here are some transmission problems that are often seen in lemon vehicles:

Overheating or Burning of Transmission

If your vehicle is experiencing burnt transmission fluids, you will start to smell a burning odor around the car engine. Overheating or a burning transmission can be a warning sign of an even bigger problem with your vehicle.

Leaking Transmission Fluids

You might have a bad transmission if you start to see a puddle of transmission fluid under your car. You should have your vehicle manufacturer look for transmission issues if this occurs to you.

Issues Shifting Gears

If you are experiencing issues when shifting gears, you might have a problem with the transmission. A bad transmission can cause unwanted shifting between gears, making it difficult to shift.

Noisy transmission

A noisy transmission is another sign to look out for since it could be a serious issue. If you hear grinding, clunking, bumping while you drive, you should take the vehicle to the auto shop.

Unrepairable Transmission Issues

If you experience any of the issues listed above but the manufacturer is still unable to make repairs, you may have a lemon car. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your money back unless you file a lemon law claim. Filing a lemon law claim will allow you to get compensation for repair expenses, towtruck, and rental car charges, along with a vehicle replacement or buyback.

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