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How to File a Lemon Law Claim

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California lemon law protects consumers from covering the costs of vehicles with serious warranty defects. Manufacturers must replace or repurchase vehicles after a reasonable number of unsuccessful repair attempts. Both new and used vehicles, whether purchased or leased, qualify for lemon law protection.

If you believe you purchased or leased a lemon vehicle, our California lemon law attorneys can explain the steps to file a claim.

Make Attempts to Repair the Vehicle

If you recently leased or purchased your vehicle and are having problems, you should take your vehicle for repairs. A strong lemon law case will need to prove that multiple repair attempts were made for the same problem but were unsuccessful.

In many cases, consumers fail to take their vehicle for repair and, as a result, lose their chance to present a valid claim. By taking your vehicle for repair, you will prove that you gave the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to fix your vehicle problem.

Accurately Report & Document Concerns

When you take your vehicle in for repairs, make sure to clearly explain all the issues you are having with the repair order. If you fail to do so, the manufacturer could claim that you never presented the issue you are presenting your lemon law claim for.

You also shouldn’t rely on the dealership or manufacturer to keep accurate records of your repair attempts or warranty claim history. You should organize and keep copies of all your repair orders, invoices, and receipts. Doing so will allow you to present the actual amount you should be compensated for and prove you did allow the manufacturer to repair your vehicle.

File a Lemon Law Claim

Once you have attempted to repair your vehicle and organized your documentation, you should file a lemon law claim. The sooner you present your lemon law claim, the better chances you will have of obtaining the best possible outcome.

Once you receive the manufacturer's initial offer, your attorney will work to negotiate a settlement. If your attorney successfully negotiates terms with the manufacturer, then your case will be settled. However, if the manufacturer isn’t willing to give you the amount you deserve, your case could proceed to trial.

Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

Although attorney representation is not required to submit a lemon law claim, it is extremely beneficial to obtain your desired results. Lemon laws are complex, and the claim process can be difficult. One simple mistake can affect the entire outcome of your case.

Getting the guidance of an experienced attorney is important to ensure that you have the documentation and proof you need for your case. If the manufacturer fights the case, it is important to have an attorney on your side.

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