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Lemon Law Attorney in Orange County

Have you taken your vehicle to the dealer for repeat repairs? Are you concerned about an unresolved safety concern or an issue that the manufacturer hasn’t been able to fix?

Are You Stuck Dealing With A Defected Automobile in Orange County, CA?

Our firm knows our clients deserve fair and equitable settlements for the inconvenience of purchasing a defective car in the Orange County area.

Our Orange County Lemon Law attorneys have recovered millions of dollars owed to our clients. We are committed to delegating our clients to enforce their Lemon Law rights.

We have a proven track record of retrieving settlements for defective automobiles in and around Orange County, California.

How Do I File a Lemon Law Complaint in California?

Filing a lemon law complaint in California isn't as daunting as you may think. The first step is to read the California Lemon Law and understand your rights as a consumer before filing your claim. You can then contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs to begin filing the necessary paperwork, like providing proof of purchase and repair records.

Once you have all the required documents, they will review your case and determine if filing a claim is merited. It's important to provide as much detail as possible so make sure all service appointments, repairs, and costs are documented carefully when filing your complaint. With this information clearly presented, filing a lemon law complaint in California doesn't have to be complicated!

What Does California Lemon Law Cover?

The California Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers by ensuring they receive a working vehicle. It covers new and used vehicles purchased or leased in the state of California that suffer from manufacturing defects that cannot be easily repaired. The California Lemon Law gives you be the right to receive full compensation, including a purchase refund, trade-in allowance or repair of your automobile if it is determined to have been a lemon. If your car meets some necessary requirements for reimbursement, California's Lemon Law provides an opportunity for you to get back what you paid for with an inoperable car bought from an auto dealer.

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  • We have extensive legal & technical knowledge of automotive law.

Team OLG

Whether you purchased a vehicle with a serious warranty defect, or the dealer failed to disclose vital information about the car or your loan, we have the tools and resources needed to help you seek justice.

Team OLG is a leader in Lemon Law, and we routinely expose the negligence and abusive practices of dealers in order to earn refunds, replacements, and compensation for our clients.

Because Team OLG has experience representing both consumers and manufacturers, we have an intimate understanding of the opposition’s tactics and ulterior motives.

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