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Repair Orders

O'Connor Law Group, P.C.

Repair Orders

You should receive a repair order every time you take your vehicle to a repair facility for maintenance or repairs. Please keep copies of these repair orders for your records.

Some important things to know about repair orders include:

Keep All Records

Keep all of your repair orders, not just the ones related to repairs. Repair orders related to regular maintenance, recalls, technical service bulletins, etc. are all important to your case. Be sure to save them all.

Keep Records Even When Repairs Are Not Made

Even when a repair is not made or a concern is not able to be duplicated, keep the repair order. These are still important repair presentations.

Review Your Repair Orders

Be sure to review your repair orders when you pick up the vehicle. If you have a question or don’t understand something, then ask about it.

You Can Request that Repair Orders be Edited

If you disagree with the information contained on a repair order, you can ask that it be changed. This can be especially important for the reason you brought the vehicle in for repair. If your concern is not accurate, ask that it be changed. If a concern that you have is left off a repair order, ask that it be added to the repair order.

Continue to Provide Repair Orders

If your vehicle continues to experience problems after your lawsuit has been filed, bring the vehicle in for repair, and be sure to update us on the repair history.

Your repair orders are the best evidence of the problems your vehicle has experienced. Providing us with a full and accurate repair history is the most beneficial things you can do for your case.

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