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My Lease is Ending or Has Ended, But I Think I The Car Is A Lemon

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My Lease is Ending or Has Ended, But I Think I The Car Is A Lemon

You do not need to maintain ownership or possession of a potential lemon in order to have a viable lemon law claim. In Juanita Martinez v. Kia Motors of America, Inc. (2011), the court concluded that the California lemon law provides remedies to consumers and that “In providing these remedies, the Legislature has not required that the consumer maintain possession of the goods at all times. All that is necessary is that the consumer afford the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to repair the goods to conform to the applicable express warranties.”

This means that even if your lease is about to end or has ended, you still have rights enforceable against the vehicle manufacturer if you have had to take the vehicle in for repeated attempts to fix the vehicle, but it kept having issues. Some of the possible remedies include getting back all of the payments, including the down payment that you made and possibly incidental and consequential damages that may include costs of tows, rentals, alternate transportation, repairs, maintenance and other out of pocket expenses related to your lease of the vehicle even if you have already turned in your lease.

If you had or have a car that has been a constant headache and needed to keep going back to the dealership for issues, it is worth calling our office for a free review to see if you have a case and what your potential remedies or award might be, regardless of whether you are almost at the end of your lease or if you have already returned the vehicle pursuant to the lease. You pay nothing out of pocket in these cases. We advance all costs and recoup our fees from the court or settlement if we are successful.

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