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Los Angeles Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Attorney

O’Connor Law Group is your premier Los Angeles attorney for all cases related to certified pre-owned vehicles. A certified used car usually has a warranty from the seller AND from the manufacturer, so, you get two potential defendants who may well point fingers at each other. The certified used car is rarely any different than a run of the mill used car, but, the dealer will check some 100 or more “points” off on a checklist and pay at least $1,500.00 and often more to the manufacturer for the right to put the car into this program and will pass that charge (and more) on to you, the consumer.

Basically, it’s just a marketing scheme, allowing the manufacturers and dealers to make you “feel” like this car is “special” but frankly, they’ve just added a service contract (often called an extended warranty) to it and charged you more for the pleasure.

Almost all of these vehicles carry extended warranties and are inspected by dealer mechanics to pass a factory checklist. After that, the dealer makes any necessary repairs and upgrades. This is why certified pre-owned vehicles cost about $1,700 more than a used vehicle that is not certified. The primary advantage that a consumer derives from buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is the extended warranty. The warranties vary widely depending on the brand, make and model. While coverage could be six years and 100,000 miles for a BMW, it could stop at three months and 3,000 miles for a Dodge.

Although certified pre-owned vehicles carry no guarantee that they will be devoid of defects, they tend to be in better shape than standard used cars. But it is still advisable to check the car to see if it is defective, preferably using an independent mechanic. You should also bring the inspection sheet checklist from the dealer and it will help your mechanic do a more thorough and detailed inspection so you don't end up with a lemon. If you need representation, contact the offices of O’Connor Law Group today.

Before You Buy Certified Pre-Owned Cars in Los Angeles

According to the California's Car Buyer's Bill of Rights, consumers who buy certified pre-owned vehicles are entitled to a variety of protections:

  1. The used car dealer has to perform a comprehensive inspection of the car and give the purchaser a copy of the report.
  2. The odometer reading must match the actual mileage that has been put onto the vehicle.
  3. If the vehicle was bought under a Federal or State Warranty Law (i.e. repurchased), it cannot be certified pre-owned.
  4. If flooding, fire, or an accident damaged the vehicle, and it has not been restored to safe operational condition, it cannot be sold as certified pre-owned.
  5. If the title of the vehicle designates the car as junk, salvaged, buyback, or manufacturer repurchase, or a like designation, the car cannot be sold as certified pre-owned.
  6. If the vehicle had previously been sold "as is" (no warranty), or if the vehicle has a damaged frame, it cannot be sold as certified pre-owned.